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Word’s of Life: Rescued – May 24th 2018

Words of Life


I recently was blessed to take a cruise to the Caribbean Islands and had a blast. While traveling one day, I stood on the side of the large ship and watched the deep blue sea below. For a moment I imaged what it would feel like if I was tossed into the water. I would probably swim as long as I could, but eventually I would sink. I would need to be rescued in order to survive. The prophet, Jonah, was thrown out of his boat into the sea by his fellow sailors. He started to drown but was saved by a big fish that swallowed him up. He survived for three days in the belly of this big fish. I know this sounds like a ridiculous tale, but this account is in the bible and I believe it to be true. While Jonah was in the belly of this big fish, he started to pray and called on God. He had a contrite heart and asked God for help. God heard his prayer and rescued him. The fish spit him out on the third day onto dry ground. This was a life changing experience for Jonah. I have heard stories from many people that have survived a disastrous occurrence. Their lives were never the same. They began to change and live their lives differently. We have all been rescued by God if we have given our hearts to the Lord. We have all received a second chance, and it’s time for God’s people to act like they have been rescued by God. It’s time to start caring about what God cares about. It’s time to start doing the things that please God.

Pastor David Greenidge