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Words of Life: “Father’s Day” 2018

‘Words of Life.’

“Father’s Day”

Sunday is Father’s Day, and I am thinking about the relationship I had with my father. He was a good man who loved the Lord and served people. However, he also had his short comings. When I was in college, my relationship with my dad started to change from that of parent to friend. I therefore felt comfortable speaking to him about the areas of his life that I believed needed improvement. As we talked about those things, he would get defensive. This caused us to argue and have disagreements. During our discussions, I always tried to follow the scripture in Ephesians that says we must honor our father and mother. As I meditated on this scripture, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that I should focus on my dad’s positive traits and pray for him rather than try to change him. I begin to pray for him, and God showed me that my dad was truly a blessing to me and many others. I started to appreciate how much he loved people and his desire to see them fulfilled in Christ. My father went home to be with the Lord, and I will forever have the memory of his love for me and countless others for the glory of God. May your Father’s Day experience be one that you cherish each and every day.

God bless our Fathers!

Pastor David