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Words of Life: What it means to belong, June 28th 2018

Words of Life

What it means to Belong

There are many groups to which people belong. Numerous individuals have memberships at gyms for health reasons . Many belong to clubs such as biking, boating, and golfing. Some have memberships to online dating sites hoping to find that special someone. When you belong to a group, you usually have something in common with others in the group. In those groups, you have benefits and privileges that come with the membership. Those of us who are members of Tigard Covenant Church and the members of thousands of other churches all over the world, also have something in common. We are a part of the Body of Christ. Belonging to the body of Christ has tremendous benefits. We have a Savior who gave us his very best. He died on the cross for our sins, and He calls us his friends. This means we can access him 24/7 about our situation or problem. WOW! How blessed are we to be part of a group with access to a Savior who loves us? We belong to Him, and He belongs to us. Because the love of Christ is our mode of operation, we are connected forever, and that’s what it really means to belong.

Pastor David Greenidge