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Words of Life: Fishing – July 26th 2018

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Going Fishing

In Luke Chapter 5, Jesus uses the occasion of two men fishing but catching nothing to preach the Word of God. He preached the Word from a boat to crowds of people on the shoreline. Peter was one of the fishermen, and he was impressed by what Jesus was saying to the people. After Jesus finished speaking to the people, He told Peter to cast down his nets into the water. Peter obeyed Jesus because the Word of God got his attention and caused him to trust Jesus. Notice how Jesus makes a move to care about Peter after He had just spoken to the crowds. This is an important lesson for all of us as we go fishing for the souls of men and women. We must always care for others as we teach the Word of God. We must always meet the needs of the person. One without the other is shallow preaching and teaching.

Pastor David