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Words of Life: “Sharing Your Faith” July 19th 2018

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The Secret of Sharing your Faith

In Luke chapter 4, Jesus tells Peter that He will make him a fisher of men. Peter was in the fishing profession and was good at what he did. One day at this particular lake, Peter had fished all night but hadn’t caught a thing. He was tired, had put his nets away and was going home. Jesus got Peter’s attention by asking him to cast his nets into the water one more time. Peter was reluctant, but finally conceded because Jesus asked him to do it. He decided to follow the advice of Jesus because He was different from all the other religious people he had ever met. Peter listened to Jesus as he taught from his boat and realized Jesus was a special person.

One of the key principles of sharing our faith with others is to make them feel valued by showing them respect as we share the words of God. When this happens, we will have executed that key principle and will be an effective witness for Jesus Christ.

–Pastor David