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Words Of Life: Principles of Financial Wellness – Aug 16 2018

Principles of Financial Wellness

Last week I was privileged to hear a great presentation on the Principles of Financial Wellness. The presenter of this inspiring message was Timothy Hedberg. He mentioned the following three things that people should do to improve their financial well-being:

1. Spend less than you make.
2. Begin earlier to save money and do it more often.
3. Give money to God by supporting your local church financially with percentage giving.

I would like to expand on Mr. Hedberg’s principles by adding to his main ideas. Most Americans are financially overextended because of credit card balances that are not paid in full each month. Spending money for things that are not in the budget and getting behind in essential obligations will lead to financial ruin. This practice needs to stop, and we all need to discipline ourselves by creating and adhering to a budget. Saving money can be a thrilling experience if we flip the script. There is much more gratification in watching our savings account grow as we put more money into it than the temporary pleasure received from a new pair of shoes, etc., that we can do without.
Finally, start realizing the joy of giving a percentage of your income to God in His local church. When my wife, Trish, and I give our offering to God on a regular basis, we are excited to do so. We have read God’s Word that tells us to do it, and as His obedient children, we have experienced the blessing of walking in faith and doing what he tells us to do. We love the Lord and love listening and joyfully giving to Him and His church. Our love for God is reflected in our giving.
If you are in financial jeopardy, start using these principles and walk in your blessing.

Pastor David