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Words of Life: “The Wonders of Trees” – Aug 30 2018

The Wonder of Trees

As I live, eat and breathe, I have been amazed over the years about how wonderful the trees are in the northwest part of our country. Trees are one of God’s finest plants in creation. We have evergreen trees that stay green all year, and deciduous trees that shed leaves in the fall and are bare for most of the winter. Each type of tree has its own beauty. Evergreen trees have many shades of green and bring such vibrant color to the environment. Prior to the shedding of their leaves in the fall, deciduous trees have such magnificent colors. Some are shades of orange, brown, and red which really make the Autumn season such a wonderful time of the year. I see the creative genius of God in the way He made trees. We get such variety, and we get protection from the heat with these wonderful plants. Trees maintain their strength with their root structure below ground. Trees that have good root structure can withstand strong winds and other harsh weather. In Colossians, the writer tells us to be rooted in Christ. The roots are the key for the health of any tree. Likewise, in order for you and I to live a healthy Christian life, we must remain in Christ. To remain in Christ, we should spend time reading His word and talking to others about who He is and what He has done. God is the source of a good and healthy Christian life. Read the gospel of John chapter 15 for more insight on this subject.

Pastor David Greenidge