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Words of Life: “End Times” Nov 8th 2018

End Times

There are many passages in the Bible that refer to the end of time, the occasion when the people of the earth will be judged by Christ for their past deeds. In Matthew 25, Jesus speaks of the nations of the earth being judged for their sinful and unacceptable acts. Therefore, we must realize that one day we will have to stand before Christ and give an account of all the things we did on earth. To make certain our account will be pleasing to the Lord, we need to be very careful to live out the Great Commandment that tells us to love God and our neighbors. Many Christians say they love God, go to church, and do good deeds. Yet their proclamation of love for God does not manifest itself in the form of good works on behalf of others. The loving of our neighbors is very important. If we say we love God and hate our neighbor, we fall short of truly loving God. Get prepared for the End Times by living today in obedience to God’s Word.

Pastor David Greenidge