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Words of Life: Win The Prize – Nov 1st 2018

Win the Prize

In Philippians chapter three, there is a very popular scripture where the Apostle Paul mentions ‘win the prize.’ He is referring to his goal to make heaven his ultimate home and to see Jesus Christ. He believes that everything in his life, his dreams, deeds, and his hope is connected to pleasing Jesus and seeing Him one day. As believers, we must keep our eyes on the prize. We all have duties and responsibilities to perform each day, but we must not let the cares and distractions of life take us away from the one primary goal to see Christ. When we bring Jesus into the center of everything we do, it becomes a daily walk that includes Him and makes us appreciate Him more. The song, ‘Souled Out’ by Hezekiah Walker makes a similar point. If our hearts are fixed on Jesus, our minds made up to serve Him, and His Spirit dwells in us, we will be ‘souled out’ for the reward of seeing Christ one day. A good friend of mine went home to be with the Lord last week, and now he is in the presence of the Lord and has received his prize. Each of us can make our daily walk special and take comfort in knowing that we too will one day be in the presence of the Lord if we keep ‘winning the prize’ in mind. Have a blessed day.

Pastor David