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Words of Life: Let’s Go Fishing – Jan 31 2019

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Let’s Go Fishing!

In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus approaches some fishermen while they’re casting their nets out on the sea of Galilee. These fishermen were working hard, but Jesus caught their attention with a profound statement. He said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” These words captivated the fishermen, and they left their nets and followed Jesus. These two men were Peter and Andrew. They somehow were intrigued by the words of Jesus and followed him. They both probably saw that He was a special person. Jesus had a purpose to his life, and that purpose and conviction was transmitted to the minds and hearts of those two men. The message of the good news of Jesus Christ, the message of hope, salvation and love, will get the attention of those who seek the things of God. We are called to be the messenger, the witness of that gospel message of Jesus Christ. Take time this week to go fishing. Point someone in the direction of Jesus. Tell them about his love and forgiveness. It will make them drop what they are doing and experience a new day in Christ.

Let’s go Fishing

Pastor David