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Words of Life: Living a Life of Service – Jan 24th 2019


Living a Life of Service

Think of all the wonderful and exhilarating things you might ever do in this life. Some climb mountains. Others like to go deep sea fishing. There are also those who like to go bungee jumping. Then there are those like me who like boat cruises. Whatever it is that you like to do, nothing compares with serving another person. I discovered my love for serving one day when I was eating a good meal at a restaurant in Seattle. I watched the waiter as he provided me with great service, and I realized why he did so. It was because he really enjoyed serving other people. I recognized myself in him. When we have a relationship with Jesus Christ, He downloads into our hearts the desire to serve others. Jesus himself demonstrated this throughout his life. When we fall in love with Jesus, we want to serve others because He served us. He did that with his life when He died on the cross for our sins. If He could give us the best gift ever, eternal life, then we can serve others daily with the small but impactful things that make a difference in their lives.

Love, Pastor David

In His Service