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Words of Life: “It’s a New Day!” Feb 21st 2019

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Words of Life

It’s a New Day

In 2 Corinthians 5:17, it says, “…all things are become new”… When we as Christians go through our regular routine of living, we experience something new each day. If we take this Bible verse to heart and live by it every day, we will experience a new measure of God’s grace. It is similar to receiving a gift at Christmas time. On December 25th, we exchange gifts with one another. It is a specific time of the year when we know a gift is coming our way. In the same way, we can expect a gift from God each day. It is the gift of his grace or his favor. God is blessing us with his love, his protection and the ability to serve another person. This makes our lives an exciting adventure because something new will happen each day. Some days are hard, but even in the trial, we experience the presence of the Lord which keeps us strong and enables us to bless his name while giving him thanks in every situation we face. I praise God for you, my friends in the Lord. Experience his grace today. It’s a new day.

Pastor David