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Words of Life: Give God Your Best – March 7th 2019

Give God Your Best

When you go into most stores or establishments that sell products, the leading theme is extraordinary customer service. Companies sell customer service as the distinguishing feature that will make you shop at their store rather than that of a competitor. Some companies really excel at customer service, and it gets our attention. Les Schwab Tire Center is an excellent example of a company that focuses on customer service. If you have a flat tire, you can go into a Les Schwab store and they will fix the tire for free. They go above and beyond our expectations for good service. When it comes to being a good example of what it means to be a Christian, God expects no less from us. He expects you and me to give him our best. We should be looking for new and better ways to serve him. When we love our neighbors and care for them, we are actually caring for and loving God. This week, let each of us actually look for a new way to serve another person. Let’s seek out an opportunity to care for another person. If we have this mindset, when someone comes to us for help, we will actually be delighted to serve that person and give God our best.Q

Have a blessed day

Pastor David Greenidge