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Words of Wisdom: Becoming Rich Towards God – April 26th 2019

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Becoming Rich Towards God

In Luke chapter 12, Jesus tells a story about a person who had a lot of wealth and cared more about his money than his relationship with God. The point of the story is not meant to convey the notion that rich people cannot be close to God. The point is that a person’s wealth should not be the preoccupation of his or her life. Money alone, or having money or wealth is not sinful or wrong. It is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Many make their wealth their God. Many boast about their wealth. Many even do wicked things to get wealth or money. The moral of the story is that we should use our money to do good works that please the Lord. Are you a generous giver to God and to His church? Do you give consistently? Do you give offerings for missions near and far? Does your giving reflect your love for God? Many Christians say they love God, but their actions don’t match up with what they say. Let me encourage you today to make a change this very moment. Ask God for his forgiveness for not being a generous giver. Set aside your offering for God today and take it with you to your worship services this Sunday. Don’t wait. Do it today and receive the blessings of God over your life.

Become rich toward God!

Pastor David