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Words of Life: Connected to the Son – May 30th 2019

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Words of Life

Connected to the Son

I remember when my Son, Timothy, was born. I was blessed to be in the delivery room during the birth, and when he emerged, he had an umbilical cord attached to his stomach that was connected to his mother. The umbilical cord provided nourishment for him while he was in her uterus. I was amazed to see this long tube that provided life for my son. In the same way, we are connected to Christ by his Word. When we read and believe the words He gives us in the Bible, we are spiritually nourished and grow in our faith. Without the Word of God operating in our lives, we will eventually die spiritually, and for some, a physical death may occur. We must stay connected to Jesus by his word and the power of the Holy Spirit. We must stay in contact with him and experience his grace on a daily basis. Some Christians live in defeat and misery because they don’t allow God’s presence to permeate their lives. The more we have fellowship with other believers, pray, and read his Word, the more we grow in Christ. We stay connected to him and are blessed. Walk in step with Christ, stay connected with the source of all life, and see maturity and growth occur in your life.

Pastor David