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Words of Life: Jesus is the Key! – May 2nd 2019

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Jesus, the key to the good life!

Jesus makes a statement in John, chapter eleven that says, ” I am the resurrection and the life…” I was meditating on that statement today, and my mind was captured by this wonderful thought. Jesus overcame death, and He arose on the third day. Why did He have to die, and why did He arise from the dead? The answer is because of you and me. He died for our sins so we could have a relationship with God. He arose from the dead so we could arise from our failures and sins and live the good life that He has designed for us to live. The practical application for you and me is that on this very day, we choose to live in the newness of Jesus. We don’t have to revert back to my our lifestyle choices and sins. We can live today as unto Christ. I live in peace with my family, friends and neighbors. I work through conflict by extending forgiveness to other people when they hurt me. I care about the situations that people find themselves in, and I do something positive to help them. Jesus is the key to my having a fulfilling life and the key to truly changing this world for the better.

Pastor David