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Words of Life: What is a Good Mother? – May 9th 2019

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What is a Good Mother?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and it has me thinking about the qualities of a good mother. A great example of a woman whose actions exemplified the traits of a good mother is Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She was a woman who loved her Son as well as others. She recognized Him as the Messiah, the Savior of the world. Mary knew Jesus loved all people, and that He was the key for the salvation and healing of the world. She therefore embraced the ministry of Kingdom work .

My own mother also exhibited that special quality of loving people. Even though there were eight kids to feed in our family, my mom often invited people from church and the community to join us for a meal after church on Sundays. Amazingly, there was always enough food for everyone. Loving mothers around the world often share what they have with others even when they don’t have much to share. May God bless mothers everywhere who demonstrate the qualities of loving and caring for others. We salute you!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Pastor David Greenidge