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Words of Life: Coming Home – June 13th 2019

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Coming Home

The Bible story of the prodigal son is about realizing there is no place like home. Home represents safety and a loving and caring environment. It also represents forgiveness. In the story of the wayward son in Luke chapter 15, we see a man who made some poor choices, but was wise enough to come back home. He realized that he had a father who would have mercy on him. We are all in a sense like the prodigal son. We have wandered away from our heavenly father, and He is waiting with open arms to receive us back home. Not only does He not hold our sins against us, He forgives us. Come home to your Heavenly Father today. He loves you and will take you back no matter what you have done. Ask him to forgive you, and get back into fellowship with him and his body. You need him more than you realize. Go ahead and take that step of faith. Get close to him and call on his name in prayer.

Pastor David