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Words of Life: Jesus is Coming – June 20th 2019

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Jesus is Coming, Be Ready

Whenever there is a big sports event like the Super Bowl or most recently, the NBA Finals, most people will run to the stores and get special foods for the big event. Everyone prepares for the big game. But there is a much bigger and more important event for which everyone on planet earth must prepare. That event is Jesus Christ’s return to earth. He is coming back for everyone. All of us will have to face him in the final judgement, and we must be prepared for that important meeting. Our readiness for his coming requires some things from us. We must repent of our sins and ask him to forgive us. We must believe that Jesus is the only way to have eternal life. We must all live for and serve him. Therefore, We as his faithful servants, must do everything in our power to let people know He is coming back.

The Bible mandates that we tell people about the gospel. The gospel is the revelation that Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead on the third day. He is coming back to earth and will eventually have an appointment with everyone. So the question we must all answer is whether or not we are prepared to meet Jesus Christ when He comes, and if not, are we ready to make the decision to follow him, so that we might be? If we honestly answer that question, then diligently do what’s required, we will live our lives with purpose, true meaning, and excitement. Get excited. Tell everyone that Jesus Christ is Lord, and is coming soon.

Pastor David