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Words of Life: Led By the Spirit – June 27th 2019

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Being Led by the Holy Spirit

In order for those who believe in Christ to have a good life, it is critical for them to be led by the Holy Spirit. Many Christians experience hardships and make poor decisions because they are not led by the Holy Spirit. The Spirit prods our minds and speaks to our hearts moment by moment. The question for all of us is, “Are we listening?” Reading scripture daily will help us trust and cause us to depend on Him. Another way of strengthening our trust in the Holy Spirit is by staying in fellowship with other believers. We can do this by regularly attending church, bible study, prayer meetings, and spending time with individual believers.

The Holy Spirit is the voice of God, and it guides us when we share the story of Jesus with others. Telling others about Jesus is the most significant work we can do for God. In addition to talking about who Jesus is, we can also share personal stories about our own relationship with Him. An important personal story to share is how we came to accept Christ into our hearts, and how He’s changed our lives. We can also make others aware of what Jesus has done for us lately. The Holy Spirit shows up and is most powerful when we are witnessing for Christ. He knows what we need to say, makes that known to us, then helps us say it. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you today. Ask him to fill your heart with his love.

Pastor David Greenidge