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Words of Life: Relationships – June 6 2019

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Words of Life

Initiate the process of healing in broken relationships.

Whenever two people have a disagreement, a barrier may develop between them and cause a break in the relationship. In order for the relationship to be restored, someone has to make the first move to bring about healing. It takes humility and the absence of pride for this to happen. Somebody has to start the process of reconciliation by making a kind gesture toward the other person. If you have a relationship with someone that is in need of repair, you make the first move. Don’t over think the situation by wondering if the other person will reject your peace offering or what might happen if they do. Do your part to start the healing process. Apologize and ask for their forgiveness. Offer to meet with them or send them a kind note. Let the Holy Spirit lead you as you determine what course of action you should take, but make the first move. God will bless you for your efforts.

Have a good day and walk in healing.

Pastor David