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Words of Life: Our God is Great! July 18th 2019

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Our God is Great

Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 6 says, “No one is like you, Lord; You are great, and your name is mighty in power.” As I was reading the entire chapter and meditating on this particular verse, I started thinking about how great God is when compared to other idols that we humans worship. Some idolize and worship statues, and others worship things like money and possessions. These things can’t talk to us or deliver us when we are in trouble. But our God is mighty in power and is able to save us when we are in dire circumstances. He is the maker of heaven and earth. He created our bodies with all of its complexities and knows how and when to bring healing to us when we are sick. The power of the seas and winds are in his hands. I was talking with a person who lives in Oklahoma this week, and we were talking about the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma on a regular basis. He was saying the winds came and moved trees and homes in his neighborhood like they were toothpicks. God’s power is mighty and stronger than the power of a tornado. He also comes to us in a still quiet voice and comforts our hearts when we need him. This is the God that we serve! Let’s come to him with reverence and gladness and praise him on a continuous basis. Our God is Great!

Pastor David