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Words of Life: Tell The Story – August 1st 2019

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Words of Life

Tell the Story

In Acts chapter one, after Jesus had risen from the dead and appeared to his disciples, He told them to be his witnesses. He wanted them to proclaim the story of his death and resurrection. This is the greatest story ever told. We are in a culture where people love to tell stories, some of which are lies. This is a true story that has lasting and eternal consequences. When we tell the story of Jesus Christ to someone, we are potentially affecting their quality of life here on earth and into the afterlife. Being a witness for Jesus is one the best things we could ever do. Through the precious Holy Spirit, God will lead you concerning how and when to be a witness. Being a witness means we declare the gospel and tell what Jesus has done for us. Let’s tell the story this week and show people how much we really care about them.

Pastor David