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Words of Life: Walking in Authority! – Nov. 14th 2019

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Walking in Authority We had a tag team preaching experience at Tigard Covenant Church this past Sunday. Pastor Michael Hunter and Pastor Andre Khilehenko gave us the Word of God. They both spoke on the subject of Kingdom Mentality. The text was Matthew chapter four, where Jesus was being tempted by the devil. Jesus resisted by using the Word of God against the devil’s advances. They emphasized the fact that as Christian believers, we have the full authority of God to do his work and live for him. We do not have to walk or live in fear, because we have authority over the forces of evil to shine the light of Jesus Christ. Michael said we have authority to break the power of addictions in our lives through Jesus Christ. I was blessed to hear that sermon and they both inspired me to do a good work for Jesus. Let’s go fishing this week with confidence that God is with us as we go. Praise the Lord!

Pastor David