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Words of Life: The Joy of Christmas – Dec 19th 2019

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The Joy of Christmas This is the time of the year that some people fall into depression or sadness. Some people start thinking about the things in their lives that are not right, or those things that could be much better. I have some good news that you, your friends and associates can experience for yourselves. Jesus Christ came to the world to address your feelings and emotions at this time of the year. Just at the right time, He saw your and my condition and gave his very best, (HIS LIFE) for you and me. Please understand that you are loved by God at this time of the year. He cares about your struggles and pain. Call on his name in prayer. Tell him all about what you’re feeling and the issues you are facing. You can also call me or a friend. I will be glad to talk with you and give you the comfort of God. This is the right time for you to receive the true joy of Christmas, Jesus Christ. He loves you, and I love you too! Pastor David