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Words of Life: God’s Creation – Jan 16th 2020

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Words of life

God’s Creation

I was blessed to take a boat cruise recently. I was in the Caribbean Islands appreciating the beauty of the God’s creation. While in Puerto Rico, I went to a 2000 acre farm that contained animals and rivers . It was a wonderful picture of what God has made and how he made it. He made our world with a variety of flowers, trees, and animals against the array of the beautiful skies and warm weather patterns. It shows that our Heavenly father is the master artist that takes the utmost care in providing a wonderful place for us to live in. We live in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Our trees, lakes and mountains are gorgeous. We are so blessed that the God has made a spectacular place for us to live and make home. Since God made this world, we should respect the place that he has given us. We must appreciate and love our Heavenly Father that cares for us to put us in this excellent environment. Let’s join in with all of God’s creation and give him the praise for what he has done. God is good and we love him.

Pastor David