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Words of Life: “Power to Live a Righteous Life – Feb 13th 2020

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Power to Live a righteous Life 

The resurrection of Jesus Christ has permanent meaning for our daily lives. His resurrection means that we can live each day in the glow and flow of what he has done. I say glow because on Easter morning the sun brightly surrounded the tomb announcing that something magnificent had just occurred. His resurrection still shines on our daily lives.

Each day of our lives as believers, we rise up to do good works. We rise up to say “no” to the temptations of the devil. We rise up each day to push back the forces of evil and replace them with the light of Jesus. Jesus lives in us and his resurrection power is available in the life of every believer to live a righteous life. Appropriate his power in your life today. Say the name of Jesus and see what happens. 

Pastor David