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Words of Life: “Be of The Same Mind” – May 13th 2020

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Words of Life

Be of the Same Mind

We as a church, at Tigard Covenant, are going through the book of 1Peter. We are looking at chapter 3 verse 8 this week that says to be of the same mind. How can people of different racial backgrounds, different geographical beginnings, and different economic standings be of the same mind. It almost seems impossible for this to happen. There are a lot of opportunities for division to creep in when you have so much diversity present. Outside of the church of Jesus Christ, it is impossible to have a real unity of purpose that honors God. But in the church of Jesus Christ, we have the power to pull this off; to be of the same mind. So what does it mean to be of the same mind? It means to tap into the love of God in Christ. When we all are about loving God and loving each other, we are all on the right tract. Join me on Sunday morning at 10am as the develop this thought.

Love you much, Pastor David