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Words of Life: Give in and Give Up! – May 6th 2020

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Give in and give Up

In the book of Ephesians chapter 5 verse 21, it says,”Submit to one another, out of reverence for Christ.” It is very clear from this verse and the entire chapter, that we should use the principle of submission in Christian relationships and in the marriage relationship. Submission to another person means to yield to their request. It means you are willing to go with their suggestion as long as it is not contrary to scripture. Sometimes its hard to submit because it goes against human nature. We often want to do things our way. We think we know what is best and we don’t like to give in. Notice the bible verse says to submit out of reverence for Christ. The Holy Spirit is often leading us to submit out of reverence to Christ. When we do submit to another person, we are honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When we do this as unto Christ, it is easier to give in and give up our own agenda for the Lord. Remember one of the keys to having a fulfilling relationship with anyone, is not always insisting on having it your way.

Pastor David