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Words of Life: The Last Days – July 8th 2020

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The Last Days

We are in an unprecedented time in human history. We are experiencing a world wide pandemic. We have civil unrest and violent demonstrations around the world. We have major issues of food deprivation and homelessness around the world. Violence is prevalent around the world with the shedding of blood. The bible calls these times, the Last Days. The scriptures teach that the return of Jesus Christ is coming. Matthew 24 describes conditions that will exist before he comes. 2Peter 3 says that scoffers will come in the last days. Scoffers are those people that show contempt for others. This means that some people will be laughing at the fact of the return of Christ. We are living in evil times. We live among people that have no respect for God and his standards of living for people. But there is hope for the world at this time. We as followers of Christ are described in scripture, as being a light in a dark place. We are described as being salt for a culture that needs the flavor of God in their lives. We bring solutions to the problems of Homelessness, Racism, Violence and even sickness. As we demonstrate the love of Christ and bring his light to the problems of the world, we will have impact on our culture. As the power of the Holy Spirit works through us, we will bring the answers that the world needs. So fellow Christians, let’s lead with love and compassion while declaring the truth of God’s word. We do not have much time, let’s use it wisely.

Pastor David