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Words of Life: “A Mirror for Christ – Sept 23rd 2020

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Words of life

A mirror for Christ

When we get dressed in the morning and are getting ready to leave the house, most people use a mirror to make sure everything is in order on our physical bodies. The mirror gives us a true picture of what we look like. The mirror doesn’t lie. The mirror will not fool you. When you start to notice imperfections, you try to do something about it with make up or making adjustments. For example, you go and get a haircut when you see your hair is growing too long. We basically use a mirror to see what we look like. True Christians reflect Jesus Christ. The light of Jesus Christ shines in the life of every believer. We become a mirror for Christ. The more we draw closer to Christ by reading his word and doing his will, the more we will become a mirror for Jesus Christ. The process of becoming more like Christ requires adhering to the disciplines of the Christian faith. It requires a heart that surrenders to Christ on a daily basis. The disciplines of the faith also include a consistent prayer life and reading the bible regularly, giving to the cause of Christ, and serving in the church and the community. Finally, living a life of faith is asking God to fill us with the Holy Spirit to trust God in difficult times. Remember God is always with you, and cares for you, as you reflect the presence of Jesus in your life.

Pastor David