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Words of Life: Bad things happen to good people – Oct 28th 2020

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Words of Life

Bad things happen to good people

Michael J Fox is a famous TV actor and Holly actor. He was the star of the TV hit series, “Family Ties”, and starred in the “Back to the Future” Hollywood pictures that were very successful. At the age of 29, Fox contracted Parkinson’s disease. He has been a champion to fight this disease and has raised over 800 million dollars through his foundation. Michael has played good guy roles in his career. He has a big family and cares about other people, yet he was stricken with this disease. The question that we often raise when these things happen, is, why do bad things happen to good people. No one really has an answer. We only know that everyone goes through difficult and hard times. We all don’t experience the same bad things, but we all have something tough and hard that happens to us. All of us must remember that as we go through a bad situation that there is God that while he sits high and is worshiped, he also comes low, right to where we hurt. He comes close to us and gives us his peace and comfort. God is the one that enables us to thrive and survive in that moment of sorrow and pain. I pray the peace of God come to you right now in the name of Jesus Christ. May he keep you, heal you, and be with you at this time.

Much love to you always,

Pastor David”