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Words of Life: “Keep Your Relationships Pure” – Oct 22nd 2020

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“Keep your relationships pure”

Relationships are a valuable asset. They are very precious. Relationships with other people can affect the quality of your life. Good relationships can spur you on to do great things for God and be a blessing to many people. Bad relationships can take you down a path of life that leads to despair and disappointment. In life, we all have had some good relationships and some bad ones. Wisdom from God can help us to make the choice to associate with people that will point us towards our loving, heavenly Father. While we all have the mandate to be in the world by having contact with unbelievers and leading them to Christ, we should make the distinction of bringing the right person into inner court of our lives. One way that we can test whether a relationship is good or not is to see if the relationship is pure before God. Does the person in any way influence us to walk away from the commands or will of God. Sometimes this happens very slowly and before we know it, we are doings things that we end up regretting. View your relationships as something very precious in the eyes of God. Make sure that the Holy Spirit is leading you as you make decisions with that other person in mind. As you filter the choices you make with another person with the lens of Heaven, you allow those relationships to be pure before God that brings him glory and ultimately blesses your life. Walk in purity before God in your relationships and watch how Jesus will truly bless your life.

Pastor David