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Words of Life: Fight the Good Fight of Faith – Nov 19th 2020

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Words of Life

Fight the good fight of Faith

We are living in difficult times. People in the world are fighting one another over a variety of things. We fight over equal rights for all people. We fight over our political differences. People in the world speak abruptly and even rudely to one another when they don’t agree. In the family of God, we must remember we operate on a different level. Our values on how we treat one another is based on biblical principles. In the church of Christ, we must remember to fight the good fight of faith. We operate with rules and guidelines that come from the very heart of God. Jesus tells us in Matthew 22:37 to love God and love our neighbor. When we engage with others, we must remember that at all times, we should speak the truth of Jesus Christ. Sometimes in the church people allow their flesh or worldly ideas to dominate their thinking. They brag about their accomplishments and sometimes error in their thinking. We can counter this by speaking the truth of Jesus. Jesus has told us to love one another. Jesus has told us to only Worship God. When we speak his words to other people that get off tract, we are fighting the good fight of faith. We stand for a righteous cause that God delights in. Remember to contend for the things of God and not for the things of the world.