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Words of Life – Stay on Track 8/26/2021

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Stay on Track

Whenever an athletic team gets to the the playoffs or championship levels of competition, they intensify their efforts to win. In basketball, coaches say to their players, stay with your hard work that got you to the finals but do it more. In our Christian walk, each day is a walk of faith. Each day we must read the bible, pray, do good works, continue to have faith in God no matter what the day brings. The essentials of our Christian faith do not change with circumstances or trials, but they should intensify. We keep praying when trials and problems arise. We continue to serve faithfully in God’s house and in the community. We continue to tell others about the good news of Jesus Christ and that he is the ultimate answer for the issues of life. As we continue to gather with other believers and are strengthened in our walk with God, we become a bright light to those living in the darkness of sin and held by the sway and control of Satan. We are called to be signposts, that lead people out of darkness into the light of Jesus Christ. In the gospel of John, Jesus says, “…I am the light of the world, Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” Isn’t that an amazing bible verse to share with people? People everywhere can move out of the dark places they find themselves in and receive the light of Jesus Christ. His light will lead them to good living. His light will lead to spiritual and physical healing. His light will give them healthy relationships. His light will lead them to a lifestyle that will take them to heaven and be at final peace from all the ills and problems of this world. The world has a lot of pleasure and good times to offer people, but it is temporary not fulfilling. Jesus said I have come that you might have life, abundant life. Let’s stay on track and lead people to the light of Jesus Christ.

Pastor David