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Words of Life: Make it a Good Day – Sept 17th 2021

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Each day we have an opportunity to stand out for God and make it good day. God is the ultimate source of all blessings and provisions for everyone. He loves everybody, and that includes you. You are very special to Him. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God lives in your heart and will help you to make wise choices so that you will make it a good day. Each day that you allow the Holy Spirit to rule in your life will result in a blessing. You will stand out from the crowds of others who live to please themselves. When you have the desire to live for God and experience the forgiveness of Jesus Christ, you will indeed be a blessing to many people. Each day I have the choice to live for God or live for myself. Sometimes it’s hard, and I get side tracked by the cares and problems of life. But reading the Bible each day helps me to get back on track. Remember to review the promises of God and claim them for yourselves every day. In Daniel chapter five, we see that Daniel was an example to everyone he encountered. He allowed God to work through him so much that he stood out from the other leaders in Babylon. He was even called upon in a national emergency to interpret the writing on the wall. When we allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives each day, we will indeed end up making it a good day.

Pastor David Greenidge