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Words of Life: The Messenger Sept 3rd 2021

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The Messenger

Our mail services in the United States are an integral part of our economic activities. The mail is important. We receive letters from friends and bills in the mail. Notices from the government, including Social Security checks, come through the mail. The US mail personnel include men and women carriers who bring us needed information and packages. After we’ve seen the mail carrier deliver the mail, we go to our mailbox and get what is addressed to us. God in heaven has addressed his personal letter to each of us in his Holy Word, the Bible. We receive these daily messages from God and it gives us direction on how to live a good life. In turn, God expects us to get into the mail delivery business. He expects us to tell the story of the cross of Christ to a world that is in need of His message. We are God’s messengers of Truth to a world of people who are in error. We are light bearers and truth tellers who lead people to Christ. Let’s seriously embrace our role of being a messenger for Christ. Let’s give people good news that will lead them to eternal life and bring healing to our world. Everybody needs some good news. Let’s bring it today as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Pastor David Greenidge