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Words of Life: Love – Nov 12th 2021

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We live in a world and environment of individualism. Many people are self-centered and always put their own interests first. 

Some care very little about other people and are at times downright mean spirited.  Sometimes this causes alienation and even depression to permeate our world. We must counter these forces with the power of love. Love conquers all hate and selfishness. Love is the answer for people who don’t think about the plight of others. True love comes from God through Jesus Christ. When we have an encounter with Christ and He transforms the way we think and act, we have the power to care for another person. We don’t see people as objects to be used, but rather as children of God who need to be respected and loved. Left to ourselves, we can become the most miserable and uncaring people, but influenced and guided by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can become the people of God who reach out and love one another. This day, ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit and see how His love will bring you inner peace and enable you to care for others.

God bless you, Pastor David