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Words of Life: Time to Speak Up – Nov 3rd 2021

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Words of life – Time to Speak Up

We have had times in our lives when we wish we would have spoken up in a given situation. I remember the time when someone said something offensive about a person of another race and I kept silent. I thought to myself I should have said something. I remember there was a young teenager in my church in Seattle that got married to a young man that was abusive in their relationship. I found out about it later on and I never spoke up. She later on was killed by her abusive husband and I vowed to never not speak up. Your situation may not be as dire as mine but I encourage you to speak up when you face injustice and another person is suffering at the hands of another. I encourage you to stand for the truth of God’s word when you see people that are being mis-treaded and even abused. When we create an environment of love and accountability, we doing true Kingdom work that God honors and blesses. Let’s care about the widows, the orphans, the poor, the hungry and the abused. We are God’s children, called to be a light in some dark places of evil. Remember God promises to be with you as you do his will and are a light for Jesus Christ.

It’s time to speak up

Pastor David