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Words of Life: One Day at a Time – Jan 10th 202#

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Words of Life

One day at a time

When we get up each day and start our daily routine, we think about the big things we have to do. We quickly realize doing the big things start with doing the small things. An example would be when we need to go to work and make a living to support our families, it starts with getting up early and getting to work on time. When we think about the daunting goal of walking a life of faith that God is honored with, it makes us think where do I start? Begin each day acknowledging the Lord by talking with him in prayer, is a great start. Make it a good day by giving God praise and thanking him for a good night’s sleep. Then, the next thing is to just read at least one bible verse to allow God to speak to your heart. The next thing to do is, go into your normal routine and watch God work in your life. He will lead you and guide you in your faith walk and before you know it, God will use you to be a light for him and to bless someone with a word of encouragement or to serve another person in some small/big way. Take it one day at a time with the Lord. Trust him, in each part of your day, and see wonderful things happens in your life. Try it today and tomorrow and the day after, it will bless your week.

God bless you,

Pastor David