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Words of Life: Trust in God – Jan 6th 2020

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Words of Life – Trust in God

As we are well into 2022, there will be choices and challenges that come your way. We will be faced with distractions from the enemy of our souls that will try to get us off tract from what God has called us to do. He has called us to be a light in a dark place. He has called us to be a beacon of hope for those who are in despair. The enemy of our souls will try to get us to focus on our own problems or even potential sin. We must be on guard. Stay focused on Jesus, let him lead you each day this week. Don’t give in to your temptations. You need the fellowship of other believers to help you resist. The more you read the bible and talk to other believers, the more strength you will have to resist the devil and trust God. Put your hope in God by focusing on serving and helping other people. Doing this, will take the focus off your own problems and desires, and will allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to continue to do good works. Let’s keep on keeping on. Trust in God.

Pastor David