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Words of Life: Be A Good Listener – Feb 24 2022

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Be a good listener

Have you ever had a conversation with a good friend and your heart was heavy about something? At that that point, did the person listen to your heavy heart or did they proceed to tell you about their own problems? I have had that happen to me and it doesn’t feel too good. Over time, I have had to explain to my friends that sometimes I just need them to listen and thank God, my close friends do a good job of listening to me when I need to talk. Being heard by another person is so important and is a key part of having a lasting and good friendship. When we take the time to really allow another person to tell their story and to listen to them, it will foster a strong relationship. On Tuesday nights at TCC, we are engaging in a bible study where people get to express themselves. We are learning to listen to each other’s stories. This is a beautiful thing to observe. People have the freedom and even license to share what is on their hearts. It is causing our group to become closer to one another. People are feeling valued and appreciated. In your own friendships with other people and even with strangers, give them the gift of being a good listener. When you do this, you will earn the right to be heard when it’s your turn.

May the Lord bless you as you become a person that listens.

Pastor David