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Words of Life: Do the Right Thing – Feb 17th 2022

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Do the Right Thing

We are living in times where people are constantly faced with choices. Should I go or should I stay? Should I help some one or should I think about my own problems? We live in a culture that is very concerned about ourselves. We care more about me than we. We sometimes even alienate ourselves from the problems that exist in society. If we are not exposed to the problems of another person, we can simply ignore the plight of another person. My encouragement to your today is to bless someone with the love of God. Look for opportunities to serve another person. Be involved in the ministries in our church or the church you attend, that demonstrates compassion and love for another person. I do realize, we should love ourselves and take care of ourselves. But if we do this to the exclusion of another person, we have gone too far. We must always live our lives in community. We are connected to one-another, and we must show tangible acts of kindness to other people. This means people that are strangers or people we don’t even know. When we live like this, we have made the decision to bless some one and God will be pleased with us.

Pastor David