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Words of Life: Things Change but God does Not! Feb 9th 2022

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Things Change but God does Not

We had a great speaker team at our church last Sunday, Michael and Seneta Hunter. They spoke about relationships. How often do we see in our own relationships with people, that they change. Sometimes in the past, I have had conversations with people and they tell me that their spouse didn’t act that way when they first got married. They have changed. There are also times that people have told me in their jobs, things have changed. Either their boss or the environment of the workplace setting has changed. When these types of changes occur we sometimes may get discouraged. There is a bible verse in Psalm 119:89 that says, ” Your word Lord, is eternal, it stands firm in the heavens” God does not change like we see change in our relationships. He loves us dearly and will continue to love us for all eternity. We can depend on God when things are changing all around us. He is the Rock that we can lean and depend upon. The one thing that will never change about God is his love for us. The bible is God’s love letter to you that will never change. God through his Son, Jesus Christ, and the person of the Holy Spirit, will always be there for you. God will be there even when you make mistakes and don’t feel like you deserve his forgiveness. Remember he will never leave you or forsake you. Speak to him right now in prayer. He is there for YOU.

Pastor David