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Words of Life: Choose Life – March 31 2022

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Choose Life

When God created Adam and Eve, he placed them in the garden of Eden. It was a beautiful home where all of their needs were met. They had food, shelter, safety from wild animals, and most of all they had fellowship with God. In the middle of paradise God gave Adam and Eve a choice. They had to choose between not eating from one tree and eating from all the other trees in the garden. This was an amazing choice because on the one hand they could eat from many trees, but on the other hand, were told not to eat from just one tree. Today we are given a choice by God to walk in righteousness and obey God or we can walk in the flesh and commit sin. We like Adam and Eve have much to thank God for. God blesses us in many ways and his love abounds to us consistently. Yet he is still asking us not to sin. He leads us by the Holy Spirit to walk with him. It’s often that one thing that God is calling us to forsake. It’s that one thing that God is calling us to surrender to him so that his goodness and love can be manifest in our lives. When we decide to go God’s way, we are blessed and fulfilled. When we succumb to the temptations of the enemy of our souls, we live in misery. Choose life today and walk in the blessing of God. Let’s encourage one another to love God and obey him.

Pastor David