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Words of Life: Give God Praise – April 8th 2022

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Give God Your Praise

Psalm 148 tells us to Praise the Lord. This is repeated many times in scripture. Why do you suppose we are told so often to give God praise? Well, in Matthew 22:37, Jesus says to Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Loving and praising God will establish order in our lives and we will be blessed. We were made to give God praise. Psalms 100: 3 says that we were made by God and that we belong to Him. If God made us, and He did, and actually hard wired us to give Him praise, then praising God will bring fulfillment and joy to our lives. When a parent does something wonderful for their child, and the child says thank you, it shows a sense of gratitude in the heart of that child. The two of them are more likely to have a good relationship because the child shows appreciation to the parent. The same principle is at work when we give God praise. We are thanking Him for all of the many and wonderful things He has done for us. It moves us from a self-centered attitude to one of appreciation of God’s goodness and of other people. Praising God is good for our souls. It helps us to have a hopeful outlook about life. Praising God helps us deal with the negative things that come our way in a more positive manner. When we praise God, it takes the focus off our problems and moves our emotions toward God. We become a blessed people when we praise Him. This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Over 2022 years ago, the people of God waved their Palm branches and gave praise to Jesus. Let’s join the heavenly crowd on this day and give praise to God.

Pastor David Greenidge