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Words of Life: Communication, God’s Way – June 1st 2022

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Communication, God’s Way

God desires to have a close relationship with each one of his earthly children. He is our creator, and he knows us well. He knows us so well that he knows the number of hairs on our head. He understands what drives and motivates us. Since he knows us well, he knows how to communicate with us. He speaks to us through the Bible, His Son, Jesus, His Holy Spirit, other people, and circumstances. This is really amazing to me. God is very thorough in finding ways to communicate to us. We must respond to the love and care that God sends our way by listening to him and obeying him. After all, he sent his One and Only Son, Jesus to earth to live among us and die on the cross for our sins. We must realize today how much he longs to have a close relationship with each of us. Today, take advantage of the privilege with have with God by quieting ourselves before him. Open up the bible. Ask Jesus to lead you in your decisions and thoughts. Talk to other believers about what you are reading in the bible and share heavenly ideas. Ask his Holy Spirit to fill you with his love and grace. When you take the time to respond to God, you will have true communication with God and your relationship with him will grow. Let’s go deeper in the Lord today.

Pastor David