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Words of Life: Loving Your Neighbor – Aug 3rd 2022

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Loving your neighbor

As the world turns, do you notice how hard it has become to love our neighbors? It seems like the media has vilified people to the point that we don’t like people in general. The very worst in human nature is put on display in the news on a regular basis. Over time, it has become harder and harder to really love people. Only as we allow the Holy Spirit to keep our hearts sensitive and compassionate towards people will we be able to love our neighbors. Let’s resist the pull of the world to be insensitive and uncaring toward others. There is a very important mandate that God has given us, and that is, to Love God and to love our neighbors. This is a good day to experience the presence of the Lord as we are faithful to first seeing the needs that exist in our world and then to do something about it. Let’s look for ways to love people this week. God has blessed us each day to be a voice of reason and love to a broken world. God bless you on this journey of loving others.

Pastor David