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Words of Life: Rescue the perishing – Aug 29th 2022

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Rescue the perishing

We are living in a time where people around the world are suffering and facing death. In our local context, in the Pacific Northwest, we see gun violence and other causes that are taking the lives of people continuously. What can we do about this situation? We must get involved with the solution. We have the answer that many are searching for. The human heart is desperately wicked and needs the love of God to transform it. What do I mean? I mean that as God’s children, we must tell people about the love of Jesus Christ. We must tell them they must repent of their sins. This means they must turn from sin to God and accept his offer of change or salvation that is in the Lord Jesus Christ. It takes the right conversation at the right time. We cannot just go up to a stranger or friend and tell them to repent of their sin. But instead, we must be led by the Holy Spirit to point someone to the truth of Jesus Christ. Each day God will arrange a conversation for you to have with a person that does not know Jesus. Wait a minute, Pastor David, are you saying that each and every day God will arrange for me to tell someone about Jesus. The answer is YES! You may not mention his name, but you may do something or say something in his name. It may be that you do something kind for another person. It may be that instead of cussing at someone you bless someone. It may be that you offer to pray for someone going through a hard time. It may be that you offer to meet with someone that is having a bad day. It may be that you invite someone to attend church. You see how this works. God is using you as to you talk to people, or interact with people, to always represent the Lord Jesus. He will lead you and tell you what to say or do.

God bless you, as you go fishing.

Pastor David