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Words Of Life: ” Choices” Oct 15th 2022

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Each and every day of our lives we have choices to make. Some are minor, and others are huge. Small choices like what shirt or blouse to wear don’t have much impact on others unless you are moving about in the public’s eye. For most of us, choosing what clothes to wear each day is not a big deal. But there are some choices that can have a large impact on close family, friends and the community at large. I remember an incident that happened when I was living in Seattle. A member of a big church there swindled many people with a tricky financial deal. His name was in the newspapers, he was arrested, and eventually had to do prison time. His wife, his church and family members were all negatively impacted. Oftentimes, we may be able to escape the big decisions that could impact others in a way that’s harmful. However, small decisions sometimes lead us to making those choices that eventually can take us down. In 1 Thessalonians chapter one, it says the believers there “turned to God from idols”. This is a key factor that will help us to make good decisions. Each of us are tempted to do something wrong. On a daily basis when we turn to God instead of yielding to the things that are ungodly, we have the power to then make  the right decision. Our daily time with the Lord can help us to line up with the priorities of God and give us victory in our daily battles and the decisions we make. Choose wisely each day of your life. Turn towards God.

Pastor David Greenidge